ARUMVIT BEAUTY Amethyst Pore Refining Mask


ARUMVIT BEAUTY Amethyst Pore Refining Mask: Smooth and Refine for a Flawless Canvas

ARUMVIT BEAUTY Amethyst Pore Refining Mask offers a gentle yet effective solution to refine and smooth your skin texture, leaving you with a flawless and radiant complexion. This luxurious mask combines the purifying properties of amethyst extract with other powerful ingredients to minimize the appearance of pores and promote a smoother, more even-toned appearance.

Harness the Power of Amethyst: This mask features amethyst extract, a unique ingredient known for its soothing and purifying properties. Amethyst is believed to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and control excess oil production.

Gently Smooth and Refine: This mask goes beyond simply minimizing pores. It contains additional ingredients that work synergistically to refine and smooth your skin texture. These ingredients help to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and promote cell turnover, resulting in a smooth, polished, and radiant appearance.

A Blend of Nourishing Ingredients: Beyond the amethyst extract, this mask is infused with a blend of other beneficial ingredients:

Glycerin: Helps to lock in moisture and improve skin suppleness.

Butylene Glycol: A humectant that further enhances hydration.

Arginine: An amino acid that supports collagen production and promotes skin health.

Allantoin: Soothes and calms the skin.

Betaine: Provides gentle conditioning and improves skin texture.

Eucommia Ulmoides Bark Extract: This botanical extract is known for its tightening and firming properties, further contributing to a refined appearance.

Experience a Luxurious Spa-Like Treatment: This mask's smooth, lightweight formula applies easily and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and pampered. Its delicate fragrance adds to the luxurious spa-like experience.

Suitable for Most Skin Types: The gentle formula of this mask is suitable for most skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

ARUMVIT BEAUTY Amethyst Pore Refining Mask is a valuable addition to your skincare routine. With its unique blend of amethyst extract and other effective ingredients, this mask helps you achieve a smooth, refined, and beautifully radiant complexion.

Volume: 25 g

Category: Skin Care

Type: Face Mask