Collagen Hand Balm

ARUMVIT Balance Collagen Hand Balm offers a decadent blend of nourishing ingredients meticulously formulated to provide intensive hydration and rejuvenation for your hands.

Infused with collagen, a crucial protein naturally found in the skin, ARUMVIT Balance Hand Wash deeply nourishes and hydrates. Replenishing moisture and supporting the skin's natural barrier function, it effectively combats dryness and promotes overall hand health.

The gentle yet effective formula effortlessly removes dirt, impurities, and germs without stripping essential oils. This ensures thorough cleansing while maintaining the skin's delicate balance. The creamy lather creates a luxurious experience, transforming hand washing into a moment of indulgent self-care.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, ARUMVIT Balance Collagen Hand Wash is specifically formulated to provide exceptional care, leaving hands feeling soft, smooth, and beautifully clean. Elevate your daily hand hygiene routine with the luxurious indulgence and nourishing efficacy of ARUMVIT Balance Hand Wash.

Volume: 300 ml

Category: Body Care

Type: Hand Balm