RIAHN Botanic
Experience the ultimate in gentle hydration with our Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. This lightweight, multi-purpose formula, infused with pure Aloe Vera leaf extract, is designed to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Relief You Can Feel:
  • Stressed Skin Soother: Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort. This gel's natural properties help calm redness, itching, and burning sensations, leaving your skin feeling soothed and refreshed.
  • Hydration Hero: Dry, dehydrated skin is no match for Aloe Vera. This gel delivers a surge of essential moisture, leaving your skin feeling plump, hydrated, and healthy-looking.

A Multi-Purpose Marvel:
  • Face and Body: This versatile gel can be used on both your face and body. Soothe sunburns, calm razor bumps, or simply provide a refreshing burst of hydration anywhere you need it.
  • Sensitive Skin Savior: Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types, this Aloe Vera gel is free from harsh chemicals and irritants. It provides calming relief without the worry of further irritation.

Type: Body Gel

Volume: 500 ml

Category: Body Care