RIAHN Professional
RIAHN Sparkling Scalp Tonic is an air cooling type pore and scalp nourishment that contains patented HP-DCC, biotin, panthenol, and natural extracts to soothe the scalp by providing refreshing stimulation and supplying various nutrients in a balanced way to keep the scalp healthy.

- Caffeine main ingredient hair loss relief function
- Air cooling type carbonated bubble reduces scalp heat
- Nutrients are quickly absorbed into the scalp as the carbonated bubbles burst
- The volume polymer component maintains root volume for a long time after style completion
- Compared to liquid tonic, elastic bubble cream formulation that does not flow down

Featured ingredients:
- Caffeine : Alleviate hair loss symptoms
- Panthenol : Forms a protective film to prevent moisture
- Biotin : Helps hair protein production and makes hair healthy
- Greenol : Effective in soothing damaged skin
- EMortal Pep : Plant peptide ingredients that help strengthen hair roots.

Type: Tonic

Volume: 250 ml

Category: Haircare