RIAHN Professional
RIAHN The Balancing Shampoo that contains 19 patented natural ingredients to help you manage damaged hair in a healthy manner with GREENOLH, a patented ingredient for scalp care that helps you manage your scalp and make your hair strong.

- Balancing oil and moisture for healthy scalp and hair
- Coconut natural-derived surfactant for a healthy hair care
- Moisturizes and soothes dry scalp to relieve itchiness

Featured ingredients:
- HP-DCC complex : Scalp calming, hair roots strength
- GREENOLH: gentle care for sensitive scalp through 6 types of herbal ingredients
- 6 types of herbal composition: Prevent hair loss and promote imitation growth
- Anti-sebum Complex : sebum secretion inhibitory ingredients

Type: Shampoo

Volume: 1000 ml

Category: Haircare