ARUMVIT E&A Blueberry Rebalancing Mask

ARUMVIT E&A Blueberry Rebalancing Mask harnesses the power of nature's bounty to achieve and maintain balanced, radiant skin. This scientifically formulated mask features a potent blend of blueberry extract, rich in vitamins and minerals, to address imbalances and promote a unified, healthy complexion.

Targeted Action for Optimized Balance:

- Sebum Regulation: Blueberry extract gently regulates sebum production, combating excess oil and preventing future breakouts. This targeted approach ensures both comfort and optimal skin health.
- Deep Nourishment & Soothing: The extract's wealth of minerals and vitamins provides deep nourishment and soothes irritation, effectively addressing redness and promoting a calm, unified tone.
- Skin Renewal & Antioxidant Protection: Vitamins A, C, and E synergistically work to stimulate cell renewal and shield skin from free radical damage. This dual action results in improved texture, plumpness, and enhanced radiance.

Unlike harsh treatments, the gentle formula of this mask welcomes all skin types, including those prone to oiliness or sensitivities. Its soothing properties offer a calming escape from imbalances, promoting overall skin health and harmony.

Volume: 25 g

Category: Skin Care

Type: Face Mask