RIAHN Fruit Basket Mandarin & Neroli Body Lotion

RIAHN Fruit Basket
Transform your daily routine with a touch of sunshine and the luxurious care of RIAHN Fruit Basket Mandarin & Neroli Body Lotion. This lightweight lotion absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling irresistibly soft, deeply hydrated, and enveloped in a captivating and refreshing fragrance.

Uplifting Citrus Escape:
  • Invigorating Blend: Experience the joyful harmony of fresh mandarin and elegant neroli flower. This uplifting scent energizes your senses and leaves a lasting impression.
Luxurious Feel, Long-Lasting Moisture:
  • Non-Greasy Hydration: This lotion boasts a soft, lightweight texture that absorbs quickly without a greasy feel. It delivers deep hydration that keeps your skin feeling soft and comfortable throughout the day.

Nourishing Power of Neroli:
  • Strengthened Skin Barrier: Neroli flower extract, renowned for its fortifying properties, helps strengthen and protect your skin barrier, keeping it healthy and resilient.
  • Soothing Moisture Boost: This formula delivers a surge of essential moisture, leaving your skin feeling soothed, supple, and radiant.

Type: Body Lotion

Volume: 500 ml

Category: Body Care